What is LIST?  Well, it stands for Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler  (and of course, Sydney Croft is there as well) and it’s the name of the new fan forum that will officially launch today, June 9th.  It’s the brainchild of a wonderful person who approached us and asked where our forum was and would we mind if she started one for us.  Of course, we were honored and so Lo began her work.

June 9th is actually a perfect day to officially launch LIST (well, perfect for me – Larissa is currently driving from Virginia to Wisconsin and will be back online within a week or two) – perfect, because today is the day that my galleys for Hard To Hold (aka Jake’s book) are due.  Galleys are the final step before a book is published.  So that’s pretty much kismet for me, even though Lo, the fabulous creator / admin of LIST, didn’t know anything about that.  But I’m a huge believer in signs, so to me, this works perfectly.

LIST is a forum, so you’ll have to register, but there’s so much to do there – people to meet, greet and chat with about everything from the latest movies to how to create a banner.  There are also forums about the books and a place to ask Larissa and me questions (we to try to pop on as often as we can.)  But really, it’s just a great place for readers to hang out and have fun!

So come on over and check it out, because they’ve done such a fabulous job putting everything together!!!