Well, Sydney’s cover, that is.  See, every year, the Cover Cafe picks the best romance covers in several categories and runs a contest where readers can vote for their favorite covers.  To read more about the contest and see previous results, you can visit their site.  

Unleashing The Storm was named one of the best covers in their AR (Alternative Reality) category for 2008!!!!  The contest is online and can be reached for voting here. There are some absolutely beautiful covers that have been nominated, so go check it out.  And, of course, vote.  For Unleashing The Storm.

Cover Cafe let us know that sometimes, during the first few days of the contest, the server can get overwhelmed, so please keep trying if you can’t get through right away.

Personally, I adore all the Sydney Covers.  Every time Bantam creates one, Larissa and I think, they’ll never top it.  And they always surprise us.  

Do you have a favorite Sydney cover?  You can check them all out here.