Well, according to Publisher’s Weekly, Amazon Says Glitch To Blame for “New” Adult Policy.

Personally, I don’t think think it was a glitch based on the very specific genre of books that were stripped of searches and rankings.  I’d like to see a better explanation, but I’m pleased that they’ve backtracked their position and claim to be working on the glitch.

As of tonight, none of the Sydney Croft books have rankings.  Nor does Sydney Croft show up on a search under All Departments. We’ll see how quickly that changes.  As I said earlier, I adore Amazon – I call myself the 1-click queen.  I use Prime and Associates and it’s a rare day that goes by that the UPS man doesn’t deliver an Amazon package here.  I think that’s why this was so disappointing.  

When I started writing, I got a lot of snide comments about ‘trashy romance novels.’  I still do – even from people who are my (non-writer) friends.   Of course, I’m not as close to them as I was because of the constant comments of this nature.  When I began writing erotic romance with Larissa as Sydney, things got worse.  I had family members who said things like, I’m embarrassed to say I’m related to her, while admitting that they’d read the entire book.

Whatever.  I expect that.  I’m thick-skinned about it.  But to have another major retailer – one that had always been fair and, dare I say, welcoming, to my erotic romance titles, turn and do this makes me very wary.  And I’m once again thankful for the internet and the way the romance and other communities jumped on this.  I know it made me feel very supported and a lot of my writing buds felt the same way.  

Hopefully it’s over.  Hopefully.  And thank you to my readers for jumping on this and emailing Amazon and joining the fray.  You guys are awesome.