So, Zoo has tonsillitis and I’m hoping that the antibiotics work so he doesn’t have to have them out. Mainly because he’s telling me he won’t have them out until after his fishing trip at the end of April.

I’m guessing he doesn’t realize that he’s not going to have much of a choice.  

So I’ve got that going on, coupled with several days in a row of no nursing for the kid.  Add in a book due soon, copy edits and two different sets of revisions and well, I might’ve just hyperventilated. Seriously.

If everyone would simply go to sleep at a decent hour and sleep through the night, I could make some real progress. Which brings me to my next point.

Okay, I personally do not like the Teletubbies. But the kid does. Loves them. Finds them soothing. They help her sleep.  

And the DVDs are being discontinued.  

We kill DVDs around here.  Mainly, because my daughter likes to grab and bite them and then, well, they don’t really work all that well. My mom’s been searching eBay for them but man, come on Teletubbie people – it’s so not right to pull the plug on these little dancing idiots.  Think of the children!

Delta ForceThink of the parents who can’t get their children to sleep.  Like me.  A sad parent with a pissed off Delta Force hero just waiting for me to get him out of trouble.  Or into it.

I’m going to have to start a, bring back the Teletubbies, club or something.  

I’m betting Delta Force hero wouldn’t mind helping.  I’m imagining him marching into the Teletubbie offices (well, not offices with Teletubbies in them because that would just be silly.  And kind of funny) and demanding their secret stash of unsold videos.  Maybe I could send a team in on a covert mission to recapture the little dancing idiots.  

What can I tell you – I’m desperate.