I found this over on Genreality – it’s author Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Love, Pray) and she’s giving a lecture on a new way to think about creativity.  I think it’s a fascinating lecture for anyone, but especially for anyone who’s in any kind of creative field.  

You know, I’ve often thought about the whole, writers / artists / etc can’t afford to wait for the muse – put your butt in the chair and just write thing.  I hear authors say that habit / practice leads to better and more frequent writing.  And while I truly believe that’s a huge part of any endeavor, I have to think there’s more to it than that.

See, I believe in the muse.  I truly do believe that you can show up for work and type your heart out and still get total crap on the page some days.  But there are days when, even though you’re not doing anything differently, somehow the words / the scene / the characters just shine.  You lose track of time, you feel like you’re possessed, almost a scribe.  And I’ve experienced that and I love it and I pray every time I sit down to write that the muse comes to find me.

Anyway, this video really subscribes to the notion that you must come to work every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your muse does.  She finds a way to take some of the angst off the creator and instead, talks about how the muse lends us the inspiration…I can’t explain it nearly as well as she does, but please watch.  It’s about 20 minutes long and very worthwhile!