So we’ve got this new GPS for the car and it’s been great.  Well, except for the time when it didn’t realize that the new road was built and showed our car off-road and the voice was yelling, recalculating – you are not on the road.  You are in the wrong place – recalculating!

But I feel like that’s such an appropriate word for what’s happening with me these days – lots of recalculating.  It’s rarely straightforward writing, although to me those days are the best.  No, it’s more like, write a little, find copy edits for a different book at your door, stop, do those, write new book, get a revision letter on another book, stop, figure out how long that will take and can I still get the new book in on time and oh, look, email and website things and…so yeah. Recalculating.

Of course, if you talk to my mother about the GPS, she will inevitably bring up the time the GPS directed a car directly onto the railroad tracks.  So here’s a tip, don’t mention GPS’s in front of my mother.  Or sailing.  Or really, just tell her you never leave your house and that will make her happy.  :LOL:

If all goes well, the proposal for the 6th Sydney Croft book goes out the door on Monday. One

less thing on the plate.  That book is tentatively named Firestorm, which is a really great name (Larissa’s picked it) because it ties in the Storm and the Fire from all the books and I so hope we get to keep it.  Now I’ve got to get moving on Cam’s book, tentatively titled, Don’t Look Back. But none of my own titles ever seem to stick, so don’t get too attached to it 🙂

And, fingers crossed, you’ll be seeing a brand new website up later this coming week. It is SO awesome and I love it. I hope you all will too.

Any big weekend plans on your end?