So, I still haven’t keyed in any longhand stuff into the computer – instead, I wrote 10 more pages by hand.  *sighs* 

In doing some procrastinating research, I came on this really cool list compiled by readers of Romantic Times Magazine – I’ve seen it listed under a few different titles, like the 1001 Best Romances or the 1001 Romance to read before you die…and Coming Undone is on it!!!  OMG – that was really awesome to see – my very first book on a list like that.   

And speaking of the Blazes, there’s a great offer on eHarlequin for an Ebook copy of Beyond His Control, bundled together with a Leslie Kelly and a Tori Carrington story – they’re calling it the Best of Blaze 2008.


Oh, and Risking It All has an Italian translation now as well – look at the pretty cover!!

Risking It All (Italian translation)