It’s more like deadline brain meets migraine brain, which is always an interesting combo.

But first, why is it that when Zoo and I watch American Idol and we think someone’s awful, the judges love them – and vice-versa?

Because we’re both tone-deaf? Could be it, sure.

Anyway, I’m under total deadline with Sydney book 5. I’m at the point where I’m starting to call my kid’s nurse by one of the character’s names. Seriously.

So, anyway, deadline crunch means I needed to take a ton of time and do things like, update the website a little bit, update my Facebook account. Oh, and open a Goodreads account as well. And Twitter, except I have NFC what to do, which is why the page is blank.

Whatever. I’m supposed to be writing, people! Do you not understand that? But, I mean, if you friend me on any of the above sites, it’s not like I’m going to procrastinate writing by be rude and ignore my email…