This was cool to find – Coming Undone on HQ Italy:

Coming Undone - HQ Italy

I hope I get an actually copy of the book – that’s always a crapshoot. I got sent a copy of the German edition but not the HQ Brasil copy of Risking It All. And I want them all, you know?

So, let’s see what else. Oh, I had author photos done today – it wasn’t as bad as I thought (have I mentioned that I hate having pictures taken? In family vacation photos, you’ll find tons of Lily and Zoo and Gus, but none of me. *shudders*) And the photographer was fantastic – she came to the house and she made it really fun. And my friend – and fabulous professional make-up artist – was on-hand. Once she gets her website up *hint, MaryBeth!* I’ll post a link for those of you who live in my area. I can’t recommend her enough – or, after today, Susan Woog Wagner. 😉

Gus, of course, posed like a champ. Maybe I can get him hired out for commercials, since I’m always telling him he really needs to get to work. I’ll post some of the choices of pictures as soon as I can – they’re mainly for my media kit and my new website from Waxcreative, which I can’t wait for!

Now, I’m exhausted. And have much writing to do before I sleep. And the Real Housewives of Orange County is on…after American Idol. And the Rock of Love Bus episode I missed is on now. Damn that TV…