No lights up yet, nor a tree. Presents for me have been bought – a to Steph from Steph kind of thing (it’s all Larissa’s fault, btw), but other than that, nothing. I’m not a grinch this year because I think, more than ever, celebrating’s important. This is more about December arriving and me not noticing – time is just flying. I’ve got to get on the shoppping thing.

Can I just say, Christina and Army Doc on Grey’s – best couple ever. Seriously – the way he looks at her…am I right? How can you not love them as a couple?

But the Izzy storyline? I don’t care if it’s going to turn out she’s got some brain issue – it’s creepy and annoying and she’s got way too much screen time.

Have you checked out the auction page for Jo Leigh lately? There are lots of great gifts on there for both readers and writers! Larrisa and I have donated a critique together, and there’s still time to bid on it – go check it out.

Still working on Tempting The Fire (Sydney Book 5). I also have to read the galleys for Syd book 4, Taming The Fire and get those back to Bantam ASAP.

My agent loved my new proposal (Cam’s book – a romantic suspense), which is always awesome to hear, so now it’s in the hands of my editor. Another item checked off the list, which is lovely at this time of year. And I’ve even got most of another proposal done, which would be the second book in the loosely tied trilogy I’ve got planned. So yeah, good stuff.

The new website’s really coming along – you guys should see it sometime in January or so. I’ve got to write a longer biography and do some other things to get the content in shape, but I’m excited about it. I’ll send out a newsletter about it soon. I’m long overdue for a newsletter.

And I’m really looking forward to the movie, Flirting With Forty – it premiere’s tonight on Lifetime. I adored the book by Jane Porter!

Steph T.