Sven for the week came in around 8K. Over half came this weekend with Sydney book 5, so I’m pretty happy. Once Larissa and I get rolling on the Syd books, they tend to fly, so I’m hoping this one will follow that pattern.

I was thinking this weekend about moments – I’m talking those gut-wrenching, tear your heart out moments, in books or movies or TV shows – and how they can be so simple and yet so profound at the same time.

What got me thinking about it was this weeks Grey’s Anatomy, when Army guy (OMG – Boone would kill me for calling him Army guy) tells Christina that she’s beautiful. It seriously made me put my hand to my heart, it was so simple and romantic and perfect. It’s like that moment in The Holiday when Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are lying together in his daughters’ tent and one of the girls mentions the 3 Muskateers and you know that’s what Cameron’s family used to call each other and Cameron and Jude touch hands and…sigh. Just sigh.

I tend to write my books around moments – sometimes I write the moment scenes before anything else and I work backward from there. If I start a book without a moment scene, I feel lost until I plan those out. Cam’s book has a moment scene already for the subplot and I’m brewing on the main plot. And praying my agent likes the proposal as well.

Got any favorite moments from books/movies/TV to share? How was your weekend?

Steph T.