And I’m weak. So, so weak…

Free Will Astrology for Aries for the week of November 20th:

Fifty-five percent of Americans not only believe in guardian angels, but testify that they have been actively aided by the intervention of those divine helpers. Commenting on the results, one religious expert said that “Americans live in an enchanted world.” The 55 percent figure may rise even higher in the coming weeks. A majority of Aries all over the planet, regardless of their religious orientation, could have a mystical experience that will spook and delight them. If you’re one of the chosen ones, don’t get fixated on or distracted by the sheer amazement of the visitation. Make sure you’re alert for its eminently practical guidance.

Dear Guardian Angel.

I seem to always be awake these days, although the alert part waxes and wanes. Still, please choose me to come visit and bring me some sleep. And some firm release dates for my Bantam Trilogy.

Thank you.
I’m over at Sven’s place today, talking about my love for Claire Fontaine notebooks and a certain pilot pen that helps keep me writing.

Sven day 9: 3K between Monday and Tuesday – not bad, considering the kid’s nurse has been sick. Although sometimes, when it’s just us here (with no home therapies) I actually get more done.

Migraine, day 3. Thought it was gone until the kid woke me at 4AM and I realized I shouldn’t have skipped the 1AM med dose. Again, sometimes I work better with the migraine, as I’ll do anything I can so I don’t have to focus on the pain.

Anyway, I’m also focusing on a site redesign – the wonderful Emily & Co over at Waxcreative are doing a fantastic job. One of the reasons I chose them originally was because I adore Jane Porter’s website – and Wax has a blog up about Jane’s site and what makes it so special and reader-friendly. Definitely interesting information if you’re a writer looking to draw people into your site.

Okay, much writing to be done today. I’m hoping to get the new proposal to my agent today or tomorrow and the revisions (which I’m letting sit) to my editor for Friday. And then it’s on to Sydney Croft book 5.

Steph T.