Did you not realize that football would screw it up every single weekend, forcing me to stay up way later than I need to? Especially since DVRs are not smart enough to figure out that they need to tape 1/2 later in order not to cut off half the episode?

Seriously, someone needs to plan better.

Oh, and Dear PBS and every other channel that features kid shows –

What’s with cutting off Boobah and Teletubbies from your roster? Because I need to DVR them so when the kid wakes up in the middle of the night (we’re at 4 weeks now and counting) I need to be able to click a remote and show her her favorite programs instead of fumbling for a DVD. So please, for the love of all that’s good and holy (and for a mother in desperate need of uninterrupted sleep), please put these two shows back on the air.

Thank you.
Anyway, we lived through the 8 hour Verizon Fios installation. When I called Cablevision to cancel my serivce, I was really honest about why I canceled, told them I’d asked repeatedly for better quality signal and to clean up the mess of wires outside my house (which Verizon did in 5 seconds). Of course, Cable ignored what I said, talked about the high fees I’d incur with the new service and said they’d take me back and cut my bill in half for the next year.

Dear Cablevision –

Next time, offer that before people leave. Also, stop leaving messy wires outside people’s houses and telling them that the internet loss isn’t their problem. Do that instead of telling me that I’m going to be paying more with Verizon and I’d respect you in the morning.

Thank you.


Anyway, in spite of all that, I’ve got about 6K or more done, between the proposal and the synopsis and the revisions (which are just about done, way ahead of the Dec 1st due date so yeah!)…looks like I’ll be getting to Syd book 5 sooner than later, which is awesome. Are you doing the Sven thing? How’s it going for you?

How was your weekend?

Okay, off to do some massive writing / revision / proposal clean-up. And pray for the return of Boobah.

Steph T.