Sven yesterday: 1226 words + longhand synopsis (synopsis is hanging at about 1500 words)

Today, I got some light revisions for Chris’s book (Hold On Tight – book 3 in the SEAL trilogy) thumped against my door – I’ll be motoring fast on those and then all three of the SEAL books will go into copy edits at the same time. That’s both great (since they’re so closely connected) and horrid (mainly because I hate copy edits and doing 3 sets at once could easily topple me over the edge.)

But I’m relieved that my editor liked the revisions I’ve done thus far – majorly relieved.

So I’m going to try to finish the proposal and get a nice chunk of the revisions done as well. Except, of course, the weekend promises to be busy, since we’re having Verizon Fios installed tomorrow (which I’m hearing can be a 6 hour process) and I have a dinner tomorrow night.

I must make use of today and tonight.

Gotta run.

Steph T.