Dear stupid bureaucracy-ish people I dealt with all day yesterday who sucked up all my time, energy and generally made me want to beat my head against the wall,

I know you’re lying. And trust me, I can confuse you far more easily than you can me. Just ask Larissa or my editor about my powers of confusion.

All best-

BTW, if you’re dealing with annoying, lying people, I’ve found it best, if possible, to either record them if it’s allowed in your state and / or put everything in writing (via email) and save all responses. That way, the inaccuracies (read: lies) can be recorded very easily for future reference. Oh, and when you’re on the phone, play Time Is Running Out by Papa Roach in the background (I refuse / to surrender…)

I’ve got a raging migraine – hopefully, meds and coffee will all kick in soon, since I need to get my ass in gear.

Anyone see Brothers & Sisters this past Sunday? My DVR didn’t record it for some reason and I love that show – anything major happen? Is Kevin accepting the Rob Lowe guy’s job offer?

Okay, onto Sven stuff.

I managed 1179 words on the Cam proposal. For a while, I was actually losing words and for most of the day I was at a negative number, which drives me nuts. By 9PM, I finally finished up.

I definintely wrote more, since I worked on the synopsis in bed (longhand) – and then, since kid was up at 3AM (she has officially become the child who needs neither sleep nor food) I wrote about 4 pages longhand on the story as well. So hopefully a good start for day two.

Except, of course, I’m at the point of the proposal where I’m thinking, this is the stupidest premise ever and will never hold together. Parts of it probably won’t, but I’m already so far from my original idea that I know, somehow, it will all work out.




Steph T.