I need to come up with better blog titles.

Anyway, today’s goals for Sven include:

– writing 1K on Cam’s proposal
– Firming up the synopsis on Cam’s proposal. (note: firming up is a nice way of saying, string together the crap I’ve written in short little sentences all over the place and try to make it make any kind of sense at all. Not an easy task. But hey, it’s day 1 – if I can get this done early, I’ll be in good shape.)

Zoo’s away tonight – he left at 4AM this morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Ironic, since this is the first night in 3 weeks that the kid slept through the entire night.


So yes, no sleep plus husband away plus kid and dog recovering from the trauma of being left with the dogsitter while we were away for ten days equals .

Will check back in later. Had forgotten how much easier blogging is than actually writing. :LOL:

Steph T.