It’s November and it’s time for the Sweating With Sven writing challenge! Come on over to the Sven blog, read about the sponsors and sign up today!

Writing is a tough business. We spend so much time alone, in our own heads and rooms and we created this challenge to take away some of that isolation – originally, the challenge was conceived as a way to help each other along, to challenge one another and to give one another a push when the going gets too tough to go it alone.

For this challenge, I’m working on two books – one is my Sydney Croft book 5, which I’d like to get done before early December (and I know Larissa does too!) – the other is my proposal and then, hopefully, the full book that goes along with it, for March. The challenge is over at the end of January – so I’d like to be over halfway through that book by then.

Who’s in?

Steph T.