You have made your point. You made it when my cable box went out. And then again, when my internet and phone began to go out at random intervals (FWIW Cablevision, I’m switching to Fios ASAP) And then you made your point again when something we haven’t been able to locate died in our attic – and again when I went downstairs to find the washing machine broken with a load of clothing in it. And all of this just as we get home from Pittsburgh Childrens, where the kid had another (planned) spinal surgery. (she’s fine, btw – up and about and smiling!)

I pray the exterminator and the repairmen have mercy on me.

*Update – the washing machine repairman will be here before 11AM. Thank you TISO.

Maybe I can actually get some writing done today. I’m totally beginning to see why some writers leave the house to write – it’s beginning to look like a nice option for me.