Food. Poisoning.

Ugh. I knew the Indian food Zoo brought home last night was different. It wasn’t bad tasting, but I told him that I thought there was a new ownership. The chicken looked…not chicken-ish. Reminded my of the time, when we were still dating, of a particular dinner at his parents’ house. They served lamb, which I’m not a huge fan of – and this lamb tasted even, well, gamier, than normal.

As we drove home, my face began to break out in a rash, and I showed Zoo.

Zoo: Huh. I wonder if it’s from the goat.

Me: The goat?

Zoo: Yeah, that wasn’t lamb. My dad didn’t tell anyone because he thought my cousins would be freaked out.

Although, to be fair, I didn’t get sick from the goat.

Anyway, yucky night, have been tired all day. Getting work done though, since it’s a school holiday and things were quiet around here. Larissa and I got our Taming The Fire cover – we’ll show it off once it’s all finalized but it’s very pretty!

Steph T.