Had to go shopping last night. Ugh, just ugh. Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded and I found something. Nothing like waiting until the last minute and then remembering, oh, I have a wedding to go to on Friday, you know? And then I had to fight off the Keihl’s woman who kept insisting, you say you’re allergic to most products, but this is made for people who are allergic! This has almond oil!

me: Um, yes, I’m allergic to that.

Her: You need an herbalist.

me: Actually, I need a black clutch and some shoes.

Now, it’s time for the week’s forcast and then it’s time for work for me. Lots and lots of work.

Free Will Horoscope for ARIES for the week of September 18th:

Believe it or not, whatever has been limiting your movement has also been expanding your capacities. It’s true. The pinching sensation you’ve had to endure has been covertly generating psychic fuel that you will soon be able to access. Therefore, Aries, I say unto you: Praise your squelchers and constrictors! Be grateful for your stiflers and tweakers! They have primed you for the arrival of a luminous boon.

Dear Free Will Astrology:

You need to be right on this or else I’ll hunt you down like a rabid dog in the street. Just sayin’.

Steph T.