Vacation was great, but it’s so nice to be home. The bed in the house we rented was like sleeping on a board covered with foam. I missed my bed and my house. I’m such a homebody it’s not even funny – always have been – I love to nest.

Anyway, on the ride home yesterday I think I came up with an idea for a new single title trilogy that’s loosely connected to the SEAL trilogy, and I’ve got a semi-plot for the first book.

Of course, I still need to finish revisions for Chris’s book and work on Sydney book 5 proposal with Larissa. We brainstormed a bit yesterday (we brainstormed a lot when she visited OBX, and that was good – got me centered on the main plot and the subplot.)

The problem I’m having is the main hero…I don’t know him yet. Don’t have a name or anything. Must work on that. Like, right now.

Steph T.