ARIES: Free Will Astrology for the week of September 11th:

Some people would like the world better if it didn’t have oddballs, freaks, black sheep, misfits, and crackpots. Personally, I’m very much in favor of these types, and celebrate the entertaining diversity they add to the world. I hope you share my attitude, Aries, because you’re going to have to be in intimate relationship with your own inner weirdo in the coming week. If you’re prejudiced against people who don’t act normal, you’ll have trouble dealing with the unusual urges and needs that will be welling up in you. But if you’ve developed an appreciation for anomalous behavior, you’ll be able to love yourself just right.

So basically, I’ll be fine as long as I can embrace my inner oddball, freak, black sheep, misfit and crackpot. Not a problem…

In the meantime, by inner misfit will be praying hard for Maya and Alison and anyone else affected by Ike. Please stay safe!

Steph T.