If you were around in blogland at least five years (maybe more even) you might recall Larissa’s post about buying a can of boiled peanuts and discovering a dead grasshopper at the very top.

That image has stuck with me quite a long time, along with her comment of, that’s disgusting because I’m a vegetarian.

Anyway, when she was here visiting the OBX, she kept saying that we needed to try boiled nuts and she was even going to bring some here and make them for me. But then Hanna and yeah, that ruined that.

Yesterday, on the drive down, Zoo and I finally picked up some boiled nuts.

Dear Larissa –

I have now tried the boiled nuts. It was hard enough getting past the image of the grasshopper, but I did it. My conclusion? Boiled nuts do not make me happy.

P.S. You’re going to LOVE the name for the hero in Sydney book 5!