Am currently working on revisions for Hold On Tight and on a migraine (revisions and migraine are non-related, fyi) and thinking that I’d like Indian food for dinner. So there’s a lot of thoughts flying. Oh, and I get to read chapters of Larissa’s 3rd Demonica book tonight – it’s Wraith’s book and you should all be very jealous because it rocks.

I should probably put some thought into packing for vacation that starts Saturday (the same Saturday that I didn’t think was part of Labor Day Weekend because, in my mind, Labor Day is very far away.) Then again, I thought Zoo and I were leaving for vacation this past Saturday, which tells you where my brain is.

The fun part is that Larissa and Bryan are joining us in the Outer Banks for the first weekend. Hopefully, one of us can remember to take some pictures. I’m also hopeful that Larissa can train Gus while she’s there. I’m thinking that 48 hours is plenty of time in which to do so.

I’ve also got a nice pile of vacation books I’m taking with me as well, books I’ve been saving up. Or trying to. Sometimes, their lure was just too great and I’d say, I’m only going to read the first chapter and before I knew it, I’d finished the book. But I still have the newest Brockmann and Kenyon in the pile. Some Cherry Adairs I’ve missed along the way…Linda Howard’s newest too.

We might need a bigger car.

Steph T.