Scratched off the list:
Hand in Hold On Tight
Hand in revisions for Too Hot To Hold

Almost off the list:
Revisions for Taming The Fire (Sydney book) – revisions were mercifully light for this one.

For today – stare at Ash’s book (OMG – it’s HUGE) and tell self it will be so much better if I read it on vacation. That’s only 13 days away.

Mumble at computer that has the beginnings of the new proposal on it. Wonder if the hero’s name isn’t…enough. Big enough – strong enough. Dig out baby name books. Happen on a random name I like on someone’s blog but decide I’ll keep it for a Sydney book, since it will make Larissa groan.

Wonder when Gus became obsessed with eating socks. Thankful that he only takes them from the laundry basket and doesn’t try to rip them directly off my feet. Also thankful he can’t read because this is something he would find fun.

Wonder when Gus got to be 85 lbs.

Wonder when Gus will realize that he’s not still 20 lbs.

fyi – old pic – he was probably 50lbs here..

Steph T.