Free Will Horoscope for Aries for the week of June 12th:

Successful representations of reality become more important than the reality they represent,” writes W. Daniel Hillis at The World Question Center ( Examples: paper money supersedes gold; a painting has more value than the landscape it depicts; the status that an achievement brings begins to overshadow the achievement. The coming days are an excellent time for you to contemplate how this phenomenon might be in play in your life, and whether it’s causing any distortions you need to correct. Start with this meditation: Is there any way in which you’ve become so focused on the map that you have neglected the territory?

I don’t think your horoscope should make your head hurt, right? I miss the fun horoscopes like, everything will go well today! Or, your order from Office Depot is on your front steps right now!

OMG – seriously, it was! Thanks, PBW for the awesome suggestions…the pretty file folders from Target should be here soon too. Because, you know, pretty file folders make the writing much better – that’s a proven fact.

Steph T.