Jennifer has been hosting the Writeminded authors on her blog this week – today’s my turn to answer her list of questions, so stop on over and say hi! Jennifer’s giving away WM mini-promo packets to a lucky winner who comments 🙂

I’ve been up since 4AM, thanks to the child. Of course, Gus decided he needed to be up as well and Zoo is in Atlanta for business so we’re all downstairs now, me with my icepack and the other two playing. I have to tell you, I don’t find anything playful about 4AM.

What I wish Gus and Lily were doing:

(pic is old, btw – this is Gus about 30lbs ago…)

Okay, so yesterday’s Trance writing netted us about 17 pages – not bad for a first day. I’d say that we average between 20 – 25 pages a day once we’re really going – and of course, we had the usual email, why the hell is it so easy and fast to write with you but on my own it takes me forever to get this many pages, discussion. Then we begged each other to write each other’s current books – again, par for the course.

Oh and Trance’s title is now officially TAMING THE FIRE. I think we’re trying to come up with two more titles for the contracted books with fire in their titles as well, but right now I’m just grateful we got that one settled.

I also went through about 80 pages of Nick’s book on the hardcopy, slashing and burning and tweaking – I’m trying to get it to Larisssa for a read soon.

For today, I’ve got two Trance scenes to flesh out and finish. Maybe a third, depending on where the story goes.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to blog about the movie, The Devil Wears Prada – someone remind me please…something about it’s been bothering me and Zoo is tired of hearing me talk about it.

Steph T.