So today, Larissa and I start in on Trance – Sydney’s book 4. We’ve got about 60 + pages (proposal chapters which we’d handed in sometime in January plus some extra scenes that happen later in the book.)

The book is due in July – and I think we’ve got a proposal for book 5 due in June. And I have Nick’s revisions and Chris’s book due June/July-ish as well. But I try not to think too much about all of that because then my head might explode.

Oh, and I have a migraine today. So my head might explode anyway. :LOL:

People are always curious about how we write together, what the process is like – so I’ll try to document as we go along – we’ve always meant to do that but we end up getting involved in the process and forget to give out the details.

So like today – day 1…it begins with an email where Larissa usually sends me the latest copy (she sends the copy to our editor since she’s an amazing proofreader and I am…not. At all.) So she sends me what we’ve got and I kind of skim through it like, wow, I like the story (which is good – because when you haven’t looked at something in months, you tend to scare yourself into thinking, my GOD, this book is going to be really hard to write…)

I mean, it might be – I’m not sure yet. In some ways, it’s a much easier book because it’s not part of the Storm series, even though it’s set in the ACRO world. At this point, we’ve got a main plot and one subplot, although I’m still pushing for one more small subplot. But don’t tell Larissa yet.

For today’s writing, we’ve already started emailing each other about what happens next (it’s her character’s turn – she’s writing the main heroine (Ulrika or Rik) and the subplot hero (Ryan) this time around and I’ve got main hero (Trance) and sublot heroine (Coco. Or Mary)…we’ll both join in on writing Dev and whoever else comes up.) – she’ll send me little encouraging love notes, like the one that just came through:

You’re an idiot.

Do you see why working with a partner can give you the warm fuzzies?!

So today’s goals are for Larissa to get enough of the Rik scene done so I can work on the next Trance scene. We don’t always go in order, although once we get past the halfway mark, we tend to) – for now, the document gets messy – where we’ll both have lots of unfinished scenes. Because we can work off unfinished scenes – we can move ahead that way and go back and polish as things firm up. Because right now, although we have a synopsis – it’s all very vague. Which is just the way I like it.

If you’ve got any specific questions as we move along in the process, feel free to ask them in the comments or email me and I’ll try to get them answered.

Steph T.