So I’m writing and writing and writing on the NEVER ENDING book that is Nick’s (TOO HOT TO HOLD) and I’m writing and writing these subplot heroines who are sisters and I just keep saying to myself, I know there’s something you’re not telling me…

And so I wrote and wrote and suddenly one of the sisters must’ve been so tired of me asking that she was like, here’s our deal and I was like, finally. I mean, don’t get me wrong – their deal is good – worth waiting for. But maybe they could’ve saved me a little bit of angst.

Anyway, I thought about this because I got asked if I’d like to do a writing workshop class at a local arts center and got a mental picture of me sitting on a desk in my pajamas telling the class what I just told you all about those sisters and thinking, will that pass for curriculum?

Last week, Larissa mentioned how she hasn’t been doing any craft posts lately. I don’t know if I ever really did craft posts because I’m not really a craft kind of person. I’ve tried it – different methods, like the plotting boards – and plotting itself, and none of it ever seemed to work for me. Instead, I just use my own method (the write-out-of-order one) and I pray for the best. Eventually, the book gets in shape.

Are their easier ways? I’m sure, but my mind seems to go on strike when I try them.

Hi, I’m your teacher who doesn’t plot! Yes, that will go over well…

Anyway, today, more writing. Must get this book done. Will only stop to watch Rock Of Love, because, well, you know…who wouldn’t?!

FYI, Gus was 31.3 Lbs two weeks and three days ago. Today, he’s 47 lbs. at 4 and 1/2 months.

(this is from 2 weeks ago…I swear he grows overnight)
Gus with frog - 16 weeks old

On a side note – I so didn’t need daylight savings time this week – I needed that damned hour…

Steph T.