Bekke, from DreamForgeMedia, needs your input for a column she’s writing for Romancing The Blog.

She’s looking for those of you who had a website and / or blog up before you were published (I gave her a few names off the top of my head.) and would like to know if you felt as though that helped you or not. You can do that by answering a few questions on her author survey.

I’ll be filling it out myself, since I’ve had a website up since…oh, 2003 maybe? I guess I could just check the blog archives…

Also, she’s got some questions for agents – so if you’ve got an agent / know an agent / are an agent, she’d appreciate you answering these questions on her agent survey.

I’m actually very curious to see some of the answers to both questions!!!

So go – take the survey. Or I’ll send SEALs after you.


Or, right, I forgot – that threat never seems to work since you all want SEALs to come after you. 😆

No SEALs until you take the survey. Yes, that’s it…

Steph T.