I wrote four scenes yesterday on Nick’s book (Too Hot To Hold) – good scenes, necessary information, but not great scenes. Scenes that drove me crazy trying to fix them, tweak them, do something with them. Then I finally figured it out late last night, right before I collapsed.

They were all in the wrong pov. :sigh:

A few hours today spent moving dialogue and motivations around and now everyone’s happy. But I lost time, dammit. I hate when you spend all day writing and you don’t make any page progress. I like to see page progress. But I have the whole night for that – hopefully now that my plot is semi-squared away, things will move faster.

*fingers crossed*

That’s if, of course, Gus decides to vacate my seat:

Anyway, tonight my reward will be a new episode of Rock of Love!!! But I seriously hope they don’t go to anymore dark restaurants because that was just nasty.

Steph T.