First of all, Marge was robbed of Best in Show at Westminster. Yes, robbed. And what the hell that the announcer couldn’t pronounce weimaraner? I mean, if you’re announcing at a dog show, shouldn’t you like, practice pronouncing breed names? I know it’s really rare for a weim to win Best in Sport and everything, but still, she did – so since you only have seven breed names to get right for the finals, how hard could it be? :whatever:

Oh, and she shares some bloodlines with Gus! I told him last night – he remained unimpressed. Mainly because he was too busy fighting me for my spot on the couch. :LOL:

As a sidenote, is anyone else really sick of the LOL cats?

Okay, back to working on the proposal that’s due like, um, Friday. :shocked:

Oh, and for a chance to win a copy of Beyond His Control, my newest Blaze, come visit me over at Love Is An Exploding Cigar today (post should be up some time this morning!)…this is part of the Writeminded/Cigars blog switch we’re doing this week.

Steph T.