No, seriously. See, Gus has this habit of running and flinging his front paws onto whoever is sitting on the couch. Which is where I happened to be with my plate of nutri-grain waffles on my lap. Waffles with syrup.

Suddenly, there were waffles, syrup and puppy paws on the plate. Yeah, I’ll be eating at the table from now on.

(picture is after the de-syruping)

Anyway, Lily’s finally feeling better (cold plus possible stomach virus did not a happy child – or mom – make)….Gus is settling in. Ish. Well, as much as a puppy can. And I need to do some serious freakin’ writing. Like, fast. I need my routine back. Or any routine. Or a routine. 😆

Speaking of books, Beyond His Control is on pre-sale this month at eHarlequin! It goes on sale everywhere else March 1st, although Blazes are often spotted mid-month, so keep an eye out as it gets close to February 15th or so!

Steph T.