World, Gus…Gus, world:

So Zoo and I went to pick puppy Gus, the weimeraner, up on Saturday – got to meet 5 other full grown weims as well. Zoo had this idea that we’d keep Gus off the couch, but as it turns out, he and all the other weims were quite comfortable on the couches already. So good luck with that. Mainly because, as I type this, Gus is lying next to me on the couch.

Gus likes small spaces:

Gus’s paws are huge – I keep saying that they look like they’re photoshopped on. The picture doesn’t do it justice:

Gus hanging out outside – his eyes are already starting to turn from blue to green:

Gus attempting to make friends with Lily, who completely ignored him the first two days:

Lily finally gives into Gus’s charms:

Fine, mom, I guess he can stay:

All weekend, Zoo kept saying, he’s so good and I’m nodding and agreeing and thinking, we’re so screwed. Because, hi, I’ve had these dogs my whole life and although they are really good, they’re also, shall we say, their own special brand of crazy. He’s doing great at night in his crate and really well with going outside.

But he likes shoes. And cords. And pillows. And Lily’s toys. And the kitchen chairs. And the molding.

You get the picture.

I’m exhausted.

Steph T.