Okay, who watched the horror show last night? Come on, fess up – I know there are more of you out there then just me and Angie-la and Jill.

Frenchie woman stripping was just so frightening that I could only watch from between my fingers and even that didn’t provide enough coverage. And I love the excuse Brett gave for letting her go at the eliminations, which makes me realize that I know way too many random rock star facts and if there was ever a show called useless random rock star facts, you would totally want me on your team. Like, I know that Brett Michaels dated a stripper who broke his heart and the song, Every Rose Has Its Thorn is totally about her and that’s what he was referencing. Although I have serious doubts that scary Frenchie woman brought out that same kind of feeling.

Or like, did you know that Aerosmith’s, Dude (Looks like a Lady) was written about Vince Neil, or that Money For Nothing was written about Motely Crue because Dire Straits disliked the band?

So yes, pick me if that show ever happens.

Anyway, the kid and I are still feeling slightly crappy, but better than we were over the weekend. I’ve got to motor on Nick’s book, since I know this weekend will be a total bust because of the Gus pick-up and superbowl (we’re having people over – not that I actually watch the game or anything – I just stay for the food 🙂

Oh, and head over to Larissa’s to read the awesome review JERR gave Sydney’s Riding The Storm!!!!

Steph T.