The child is still sick, but better. I however, have caught the illness and started antibiotics last night because I cannot be sick for weeks and weeks on end. This means, of course, that just as child and I are on the mend and Gus comes into the house (this coming Saturday!), Zoo will get sick.

Anyway, we’re running around, trying to do last minute puppy-ish things, like clean the crates we used for Babs (excellent for the intense chewing issues the weims tend to have from months 6 – 18) and find a dog bed I like, because some of them are ugly. Oh, and Carol (puppy’s breeder) said that Gus likes his name and that it fits him 🙂

And yeah, trying to finish revisions on Nick’s book and figure out what in the hell Chris is up to. See, first I had him coupled with one particular woman and then I thought, I don’t have it in me to write another reunion story. I did that with Beyond His Control and it nearly killed me. So I’m rethinking Chris’s heroine and deciding how big a role he’ll play in Nick’s book.

I’m also doing a lot of whining. Come on, you know that’s allowed.

Tonight, Rock of Love new episode, right? Something to get me through the day… :LOL:

Steph T.