Anyone watching the hot mess (new favorite phrase) that is the 2nd season of Rock of Love? OMG, I can’t believe how freakin’ bad it is…and yet, I cannot stop watching it. Like, there are times I catch myself watching from behind my hands because I just cannot believe the horror of the whole thing.

And Celebrity Apprentice? Again, can’t stop watching even though it is terrible…and now that Gene Simmons is gone, it won’t be half as much fun. The women are too reserved. Not that I don’t like that they’re classy and grown up, but I’d like to see them be a bit tougher, if that makes sense.

AI is just meh so far – some funny moments (loved the brother and sister team last night, the guy who wore the tie wrapped around his head.) But overall, I’m kind of over it.

Okay, must go write and deal with child, who has a bad cold. And pray that I won’t catch said bad cold.

Steph T.