Well, if you guessed that the pup with the orange ribbon was ours, you were right! So Alyssa, Blanche and Angie-la each get a book! If you can get me your addresses ASAP, I’ll mail the books out this afternoon – (send through my contact page)

We didn’t actually pick the puppy – the breeder picked for us, because, besides being a part of the family, this pup is also going to be trained as a therapy/assistance dog, if we can do it – the assistance dog thing is a ton of training but either way the dog will be trained to look out for my daughter. So the breeder picked by temperment, but she also knew that we would prefer a big male dog (we’ve always had females)…

(Angie-la, I think he’s actually lying down in the picture where he’s feeding, but it’s hard to tell. But two of my four dogs have been runts and they always end up HUGE!)

World, meet Gus:

Carol, the breeder, said: He’s very sweet, a little independant and very smart.

He also looks WAY too innocent in that picture, doesn’t he? He’s a weimaraner, btw – it’s the breed my family’s always had, and Zoo and I had adopted a rescue weim when we first bought our house, but she was sick and we had to put her down about 4 years ago. In fact, Babs is immortalized in Sydney’s upcoming, Unleashing The Storm, so that was nice to be able to do that tribute for her.

Gus is currently residing in Vermont, just waiting for us to come and grab him up on February 2nd. He’ll be 12 weeks old (the breeder was wonderful, kept him an extra month to do a little training, which will be a huge help to me in the long run.)

Anyway, I missed you guys too – feels good to be back. 😀

Steph T.