Sydney’s answering some questions over at May’s today – and the WriteMinded Party continues for another full week, with tons of chances to win prizes every day, so don’t forget to keep stopping by.

This is certainly going to be a Labor Day Weekend for me – but that’s all right – deadlines are good. I remember someone (might’ve been Sylvia) saying that a friend said to her – but you’re never not under deadline, and Sylvia saying something to the effect of, yes, that’s a good thing – means I’m under contract…

So yeah, no complaints – just work.

Okay, there will be whining, but that’s allowed. Really.

Larissa and I are at around the 250 – 60 page mark in Syd’s book 3 – Seduced By The Storm. I think we’re on a real roll at this point (well, kind of have to be since it’s due 9/28 – oh look, Larissa is hyperventilating a little and thinking, when am I going to get the time to polish this, while I’m still at the stage where I can’t remember anyone’s height, eye color or what they did in the last book…) – I hate the pages between 200 – 300…I know I’ve discussed this before, but they mock me. I always feel better when we pass the 300 page mark.

And Larissa and I got our Unleashing The Beast ARCs too – they are SO pretty!!!

All right, back to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Steph T.