Migraine today. I knew it was coming from 2 nights ago, thanks to my aura of smelling things that aren’t really there. Witness the conversation the other night at 1AM:

Me: Do you smell something burning?

Zoo: (woken from dead sleep) No.

Me: Smells like rubber burning. Like, maybe the air conditioning is malfunctioning.

Zoo: *mumbles* Heightened sense of smell.

Me: *goes to check all the air and then finally falls asleep, only to wake an hour later* Who is making chicken sandwiches?

Zoo: What are you talking about?

Me: I smell chicken sandwiches.

Zoo: *snores*

Anyway, in keeping with the Sven thing, this is what I’ve gotten done since last week:
1. Finish HTH revisions and sent them off to my editor – added 5K
2. Polished and sent my novella to my editor
3. Finished the Syd novella with Larissa – 30 pp
4. Started my THTH proposal – total so far – 6 pages plus 10 pp handwritten stuff

This week, I’ve got my Blaze revisions to work on – oh, and Linger has been renamed to Beyond His Control. I’ve also got to jump back into Syd book 3 while Larissa works on her DER revisions. And the proposal for Nick’s book is due August 15th.

Plus some Syd promo stuff – interviews and such.

So, the usual insanity. What about you?

Steph T.