I blame Alison Kent for all of this:

So . . . along with Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler and Jo Leigh and HelenKay Dimon, I [Alison Kent] hereby challenge any of you who are interested to sign up for our Seventy Days of Sweat. The challenge begins on Sunday, July 8 and runs through Thursday, September 20. (Yes, that’s 75 days, but we’re giving you off July 11 – 15 if you need it for conference. That said, ask yourself, “What Would Nora Do?” Yes, Nora writes at conference. I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes.)

Here’s the link to the full post where you can sign up: Officially, it’s Seventy Days of Sweat.

Unofficially, around here we’re calling it, Larissa and Stephanie (aka Sydney Croft): 5 million works in progress, one release, 70 days…

This could be better than Paula Abdul’s reality show…and if you’ve seen that show, you’ll realize that won’t be a difficult task.

So stay tuned as Larissa and I, Alison, Jo and HelenKay challenge ourselves and anyone else who’s willing to write their book(s) in 70 days. Did I mention there would be prizes involved, plus a peek into how Larissa and I write a book together, work on our separate books plus revisions, copy edits, proposals and try to stay sane?

Well, yeah, scratch the, stay sane, part, and stop back soon!

Steph T.