Feels like it should be Friday. Thursday, at least…

Okay, so the second 1/3 of Linger is a go with a few easy additions and changes. I’ve got a list of scenes I need to add in and flesh out but it’s all basically come together. Which is a relief because I do love this book again. Next up is working on Shadow Play (the Sydney Croft novella) and sketching out Nick’s book (Too Hot To Hold) in between the copy edits and revisions of some other books. And RWA is, like, 3 weeks away. So there’s shopping that needs to be done. Hopefully, most of it can be done online. Because shopping? *shudders*

Did you see that Paula Abdul has a new reality show starting at the end of this month? I’m totally going to have to watch it. The premiere of Rescue Me was…meh and I really do miss Rock Star.

Okay, back to work. Or some semblance of it. In the meantime, go ahead – take the quiz. You know you want to. (FYI – this has always been one of my favorite paintings…not sure what that says about me)

You Are Best Described By…

The Scream
By Edvard Munch

Steph T.