Just a general question…for those of you who don’t panic on a regular basis, do you find you’ve got a lot of extra time in your day?

Zoo claims no, and then he thought for a second and then realized it’s because he spends all day dealing with other people’s panics. He didn’t name me specifically as one of those people who panics, but I know he was thinking it.

Then again, we have two different styles. His, for example, is to say something like, hey, the dryer’s not working all that well. I’ll take a look at the vent this weekend. (FYI, this is Monday morning)

Mine is like, OMG, do you think the painters did something to it I’ll call the repairman this second?!?!

*shrugs* How much extra time could I really gain, anyway?

Anyway, so my editor likes the new beginning part of Linger (aka the book that wants to kill me)…I shipped the second part off to her at 3am Friday morning and wondered why I was so tired all day yesterday. Zoo came home early and I took a nap and when I woke up there was a package next to me and I was all, YAY!, because it was this:

Hunting The Demon comes out the same month as Sydney’s first book (September) and I’m all excited for my ARC. Now, if someone would hurry and get me the advanced copy of Tegan’s book, I’d be all set.

So, this weekend will see the finishing of Linger (unless it kills me, in which case, Larissa will kill me.) and working on the Sydney novella and working on the copy edit stuff for Unleashing The Beast that Larissa so kindly offered to take the brunt of so I could finish the book that will kill me. Fun stuff.

Hopefully, the dryer will be working.

Steph T.