So, here’s how the weekend went:

Friday Morning: Wake up feeling not-so-great. Ignore it and hope the feeling will go away. By noon, call Zoo and tell him he needs to come home soon.

Friday Night: Realize this is worse than just a cold, take antibiotics, despite Larissa’s warnings of developing resistance.

Saturday Morning: Can’t get out of bed. Realize I will have to miss Aunt/Uncle’s 50th Anniversary party that I’d so been looking forward to. Stay in bed all day and not touch the computer. (that in itself should show you how badly I felt.)

Saturday Night: More fever and chills

Sunday Morning: Lie in bed and moan. Realize I’ve watched Sahara at least 6 times over the past two days, despite the fact that I don’t like the movie all that much. Realize that, after six viewings, it really is a good movie. Especially when you’re on cold medicine.

Sunday Late afternoon: Antibiotics are working somewhat…am actually feeling semi-human again! Except for the stuffy nose. And the fever.

I hate losing this much writing time, especially because weekends are when I get the bulk of the week’s work done. Now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t infect the entire house. And that Sahara’s on again at least one more time…

And how was your weekend?

Steph T.