So I’m starting to rack up some new shows for the summer season, and even though I’m deeply disappointed that Rock Star will not be returning, there are some other shows to fill the void:

Army Wives – I caught the season premiere and really enjoyed it – Sunday night at 10pm works well for me < ---acts like that's why the producers put it in that time slot. Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List – she makes me laugh. I’m easy that way.

The Deadliest Catch – Zoo and I bond over this show.

Rescue Me – I despised last season’s finale and I’ll need to be pulled into watching this one kicking and screaming.

I also watched the first episode of The Starter Wife and I’m confused – mini-series or actual series? Mini-series I could deal with. Actual series – no way. And Zoo came home in the middle of me watching it and I had to explain what it was about and he was like, so she’s like that Betty Broderick woman (he’s still scarred from the time I made him watch A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story (and its sequel) on Lifetime when we were dating.) But no, it’s nothing like the BB story (and won’t my search phrases look awesome this month!)

What are you looking forward to watching this summer? Anything I’m missing?

Steph T.