…and you were supposed to write like 100 pages today. At least.

1. Spend an entire day creating a bebo page – not only for yourself, but for Sydney (nowhere near finished) and then for Larissa. Well, I started hers and then totally got her to procrastinate by finishing it. I knew she would – she’s easy that way and I’m truly of the belief that if I find myself unable to write, then she should also not be writing. I’m a good friend that way. What? I made her my other half…

2. Discover many, many other procrastinating bebo writers out there…not that I’m naming any names, *cough LindaWinfree HelenKayDimon SylviaDay SashaWhite* *shakes head sadly* I expected better of you…

3. Update the myspace page because, you know, why not?

4. Put. Away. Laundry. Need I say more?

5. Write a blog so I can further procrastinate.

*sighs* Coffee’s on. Kid just fell asleep. It’s going to be a long night.

Steph T.