(A quick aside: Am I the only one who can’t work saran wrap and foil correctly? As in, the entire roll gets discombobulated and I slice my finger open on the ragged edge every single time. )

Anyway, I was watching A History of Violence again, and every time I watch it I appreciate it more. And not just because of Viggo. It’s such a layered story, the whole idea of wanting so badly to be someone else that you almost believe it yourself. The way that Tom’s son has the violence within him, bringing up the whole nature/nurture issue. The way Edie has to accept both Joey and Tom…can you tell I’ve spent all day thinking about this movie?

Oh, and I finally saw Casino Royale – I really liked this James Bond – he was like a one man SEAL team. But I hated the romance plotline. Maybe because I hate it when a tortured man reveals himself and gets hurt badly. I guess it’s the romance writer in me wanting happy endings after all that endless torture but I was so unsatisfied. Part of it was that I didn’t ‘get’ why he fell for her in the first place. What did I miss? I was on migraine meds while I watched, so it’s entirely possible that I missed something very important.

Steph T.