First of all, I’m having a wonderful release month (and trying to ignore migraine from hell) – I’ve gotten so many wonderful emails from readers who’ve enjoyed Coming Undone – reader mail is THE most wonderful thing ever!!!:biggrin:

(random aside: One of my favorite sites, Astrology for Writers, is gone. Page no longer found. Jule Hill, where are you!?!)

Anyway, I’m neck-deep in revisions for both Hard To Hold (aka Jake’s book) and Linger. I’m loving the edits on the Jake book – adore them. The whole story is there – it just needs to be dug out and moved around and every time I work on something more of the story falls into place. I’ve never had so much fun revising ever.

Linger? Not so much. But it’ll all work out.

And, since I’m still trying to decide what kind of tattoo I want in honor of my first book sale, I took the, What Tattoo Should You Get, quiz. Obviously, this quiz does not know me at all, since I despise butterflies. They scare me and gross me out. I’ve referred to them, at one time or another, as worms with wings. Even my former students knew it – there was the one time that 40 eighth graders tried to drag me into the butterfly house at the Bronx Zoo (OMG – butterflies actually LAND on you – that should be illegal)

It was closed for repairs. If I’d been forced inside, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

You Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo

Sweet and sassy
For you, tattoos are a thing of beauty – not toughness

How’s everyone? Things going well out there?

Steph T.