Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers

Aries: mars in your solar third house is a big fat rush of writing energy. stay at your desk long enough to receive the genius. skittish energy can be assuaged with a long walk before the tasks at hand.

This is good to know, because I need a really REALLY big fat rush of writing energy. I might have to glue myself to my desk (well, in this case couch since I can’t write on a desk. never could – even when I was younger, my desk sat unused and I did homework on the bed or the floor. And in front of the TV…I’m seeing a trend here.) but the horoscope’s definitely right in that I have lots of skittish energy that’s leaving me unable to concentrate for long periods of time.

I’m sure I’ll settle down in the next day or so, but for right now, my mind’s running at 100MPH at all times. I’m trying to think about promo and website things and upcoming interviews and new titles and…well, you’re getting the drift, right?

I’m supposed to be working on revisions for the Sydney book (they’re light this time – yay!) and Jake’s book, which I need to finish by March 5th. When I set that deadline a few days ago, I said, to myself, that’s 15 pages a day – you can do that! So, by the end of tonight, I’m supposed to have 30 new pages.

I have five. Four and a half, really, but I played with the spacing. 😳

Only twenty-five more to go! It’s only 10:30PM – plenty of writing time left…If I get discouraged, I just picture Amy – I know she’s usually up as late as I am writing. That’s oddly comforting come midnight.

Steph T.