Larissa and I made a pact that, once we sent our second Sydney book in and our 3rd Sydney proposal that we’d put Sydney book 3 (TTD) aside and work on our own projects. For her, Demon ER and for me, Harder To Breathe (otherwise known as Jake’s book) We said we’d finish the first drafts by end of February and then we’d swing back in to TTD.

But then I got us involved in writing a novella proposal, which took a little time.

Then we got revisions (not bad) for Sydney book 2.

Then I decided to work on Rev’s book (a Blaze proposal) – the chapters are done…there’s just that small matter of the synopsis. *sighs*

In between, I am working on Jake’s book – am past the halfway point. I think I’m going to have to spend the weekend immersed in that book and push everything else aside. Hopefully I can get to pp. 300 and then I’ll have a good feel for whatever else needs to be done.

Speaking of Larissa, I never shared an email she sent me a few weeks back. 8am and I find the following message in my inbox:

Subject: Stop

Stop sending me sand in the mail.

Oh, that didn’t make sense? That’s because you did it in a dream last night. But stop it. It was annoying.

So yeah, you realize that now I do have to send her sand in the mail, when she least expects it.

By the way – everyone I know is sick. I gave up and took antibiotics. This new, one day Zmax makes me very happy. The five year old is on a Zpack as well, so hopefully, by the weekend, we’ll be better. The only upside of having the cold was that I didn’t realize I had a migraine. Now that I’m better from the cold…well, yeah. I need a headache icon. Or a picture of a SEAL shooting at the migraine icon…

Steph T.